About Us

Kevin’s Fresh Vinaigrettes evolved from a few basic principles that we followed when feeding ourselves and our four children. Freshly bought and freshly prepared food for dinner is best. Commercially prepared foods invariably contain copious amounts of salt, sugar and preservatives. These foods tend to make us fat. By trying to cook fresh flavorful food at home we can control the amount of salt and sugar in our food lowering calories while not sacrificing taste. In fact, the flavor is better than anything that was then commercially available. However, with two busy parents and four busy children, entirely fresh is not always possible. With our kids we’ve always have dinner at the dining table.The tv is off and we are gathered to share our meal and our day. Over the years we’ve developed a method of preparing a protien, a carb and a vegetable as dinner. In doing so, we tried to incorporate salad, Kevin and I love salad but the kids at that time, not so much. We were eating commercial dressing and not pleased with the taste or the amount of additives in the dressing. We started exploring by making our own dressing and eventually viola our lemon vinaigrette was entirely embraced by our five year old, Bo. If we had the kids eating salad then we knew we were on to something.

Taking the lessons we learned with our Lemon Vinaigrette we started experimenting with other fruits. After much trial and error we came up with two very tasty and very different vinaigrettes. With summer comes an abundance of fresh fruit. We wanted something different as we tried many combinations but we kept coming back to peaches. Having spent some time in North Carolina we were convinced there is something about the fresh peach that tastes like nothing else. Our Roasted Peach Vinaigrette is sweet and savory, a taste you can only get from using the highest quality, freshly grown peaches. These peaches are then slow roasted to gain the maximum amount of peach taste. This peach vinaigrette is great with grilled meats and delicious on your favorite salad. As Fall approached, we decided to try a Cranberry vinaigrette which had its inception during Thanksgiving. With the abundance of Cranberries and some imagination we’ve come up with our Cranberry Vinaigrette, this vinaigrette may make Thanksgiving even more fun but is great for any time of the year. Cranberries are cooked and condensed into a concentrated puree. This puree is then mixed with other all natural ingredients to create our vinaigrette. Of course it can work on your favorite fresh greens especially baby spinach but add our dried cranberry salad topping for a very special, very satisfying experience.

At Kevin’ Fresh we know from personal experience the terrible toll on the human body from obesity. High blood pressure and diabetes being the most common. Both of us have lost parents to these diseases and have taught us that it is up to us look for quality in the foods we eat and our children eat. We hope that by producing the best possible product and therefore the best possible food, we are encouraging our customers to eat healthy, tasty and simply and by doing so we can do our small part to lower the obesity and the problems associated with it in our communities.

Thank you for your support,
Robin Feeney,
Owner, Kevin’s Fresh

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