This collection of dressings pack the most fruit: lemons, cranberries and peaches into hand crafted vinaigrettes that are Fresh, Flavorful and entirely natural. Great on your favorite salad mix for a quick tasty side dish or add one of our signature toppings to really elevate your salad. Gluten free and low in salt and sugar these vinaigrettes are dedicated to using the fruit to make the vinaigrettes and your salads shine. No artificial colors or preservatives nor any shelf stabilizers are added so you should always shake the vinaigrette before use.

At Kevin’s Fresh we believe that less is more. Our vinaigrettes are made with absolutely no chemicals but plenty of fresh fruit from local sources. Because we meticulously control the production of our vinaigrettes you know you are using a quality product packed with fresh fruit that will result in a quality dish. By incorporating Kevin’s Fresh vinaigrette into your repertoire your cooking will be more healthy and more flavorful for you and your family.

KFSD are terrific for endless salad applications. You can depend on the bright fresh flavor of our dressings to enhance any tossed salad. Look for recipes using our vinaigrettes on salads and as marinades.

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