On Marinating Meats KF Vinigarets are an ideal platform for marinating and grilling meats. First season meat with salt and pepper . Kevin’s Fresh will work alone beautifully but is also very friendly to any of you favorite fresh herbs. I often take fresh chives, rosemary , sage , thyme, cilantro , or parlsy to add to my marinade. If you are using as a marinade with fresh herbs, chop herbs finely add with marinade before adding to meat for best results. Place meat in a plastic reclosable bag or a nonreactive (glass or plastic vessel and add your kevin’s fresh to meat Lets set for up to an hour in the refridgerator. Always bring your meat to room temperature for best results.

On Grilling. We’ve had a weber gas grill for about 12 years. and have adopted its MOM method. Medium Off Medium. Preheat grill on HIGH , turn the back and front burners onto medium and turn the middle OFF. Place the meat in the middle and grill about 7-12 minutes per side depending on the on the thickness of the meat. Let rest at least 10 minutes

The method is great for chicken legs or thighs or pork tenderloin.

On Marinating Fish or shrimp Use your favorite fresh fish, we like Salmon, Cod, Baramundi and Red Snapper. We use Large or Extra Large shirmp, frozen and cleaned with the shells on if possible and if at all possible, American Wild Shrimp. as these are simply the best and with the shells on, the delicate skin is protected from the heat . Rinse the shrimp or fish and dry on paper towels. Place the fish or shrimp in a non-reactive vessel and add your favorite KFSD to cover. Let sit in the refridgerator for 20-30 minutes and then grill over medium heat. Do not overcook.

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